LIBERTAS x Trekstock

The English word ‘freedom’ originates from the Latin word LIBERTAS. Each persons interpretation of ‘freedom’ is different, for some its travelling the world, for others it’s living life on their terms. When we originally came up with the idea for LIBERTAS, we always knew that we wanted to give something back. That is why we have partnered with Trekstock, a charity that helps to get young adults in their 20’s and 30’s moving again physically, socially and psychologically after cancer has stopped them in their tracks.
Each year more than 12,500 young adults in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Trekstock delivers practical and social support programmes tailored to the needs of young adults, to give them the tools they need to get moving again through and beyond treatment. We have produced a brand new print in our signature Hardy swim shorts that proudly showcases the Trekstock heart logo. LIBERTAS will be donating 10% from the retail value of each sale of the Trekstock print shorts directly back to Trekstock, and in doing so help in some way to give freedom back to the brave people that Trekstock support.
Check out the Trekstock website to find out more about what they do.