How we make our shorts

At Libertas we are deeply aware of the global challenge facing the world's oceans from man-made pollution such as discarded plastic bottles. The need to help clean up the oceans inspired us to do something about it. We aim to offer a sustainable approach to fashion that not only looks great but helps to contribute towards cleaning up our planet.
Each pair of our premium swim shorts are manufactured from 10 recycled plastic bottles, helping to give a second use to single-use plastics. Plastic bottles are passed through a series of steps of cleaning and crushing to obtain plastic flakes, the flakes are then melted to form pellets before being extruded into RPET yarn. The RPET yarn is then woven and developed into the fabrics that we use in our Libertas shorts.

The quality of the recycled yarns that we use in our premium shorts is not compromised and the finished product is the same as if high-quality virgin yarns are used. They are soft to the touch, quick drying and keep their shape ensuring the shorts look great every time you pull them on.
We are proud that not only are our Libertas shorts made from 10 recycled plastic water bottles, but our packaging is also made from recycled cardboard and is 100% plastic free.